Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home-made Crackers

Making canapes can be a tedious process if it is for home consumption so my sis had this bright idea of making crackers using the same ingredients of the canape recipe or forminhas recipe that I put up on this blog earlier. Then she rolled the dough out into a thin sheet just like for the canape recipe but cut them out into rectangles and pricked them with a fork before she deep fried them. So much easier and less troublesome. Besides, they will taste just the same! ;)
How to make crackers at home
Topping these home-made crackers with a Russian salad makes for a quick snack so next time you are ravenous, try this out. :) It will definitely help if you make some crackers and keep them ready for use or you could use some toast or store bought Cream crackers.
How to make a quick snack with home-made crackers and Russian salad topping

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