Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to cook the Goan sausage

Goan sausages go well with pulao or even plain rice but they make for a tasty snack with pao. Chop the onion fine if you are making sausage rolls or sausage pao. Also, you can boil the whole string of sausages without taking off the skin but for sausage rolls or chourico pao, you will need to de-skin the sausages.

¼ kg Goan sausages (I like the Homemade brand)

Onions - you can use the tiny ones if you are using them whole or use them finely chopped if you are using the sausage in chourico pao or sausage rolls.

  •  Put the sausages skinned or not, in a pressue cooker with about three tbspns of water.
  • When the cooker whistles, cook on simmer for 10 mins.
  • After that, take off fire and let off steam.
  • Add the onion and put on fire again.
  • After the whistle, cook on simmer for 5 mins.

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