Sunday, October 13, 2013


My sister makes the best bolinhos and everybody simply loves them.They make for a great tea-time treat and work well even for a snack.
The best bolinhos recipe
2 ½ coconuts (preferably freshly plucked) grated, taking care to avoid the skin.
½ kg sugar
½ kg semolina
5 cardamoms, powdered or a few drops of vanilla essence
9 egg yolks
½ tspn salt
½ glass water
  • Slightly roast the semolina and keep it aside to cool.
Slightly roasted semolina kept for cooling

  • Make a syrup with sugar, water, salt and cardamom powder/vanilla essence, boiling it till you get a thread like consistency. 
Preparation of sugar syrup for the bolinhos   
Boil sugar syrup for bolinhos to thread-like consistency
  • Add grated coconut and mix, once the coconut is cooked, turn off the flame. 
    Grated coconut added to the sugar syrup for bolihos
  • Keep this mixture to cool.
  • When completely cooled, add egg yolks and the cooled semolina.
  • Mix well and keep overnight.
    Bolinhos mixture kept overnight
  • Next morning, shape the mixture into balls, flatten and put cuts with a butter knife.   
  • Place on a buttered and floured tray and bake at 200C till golden brown. 
    Bolinhos ready for baking


  1. Hi. Would certainly love to try your recipe! I have two queries:
    1) By glass of water, do you mean a 1 measuring cup (250ml)?
    2) Can this recipe be halved succesfully? Would that mean 4 and half egg yolks?

    1. (1) Yeah, glass would mean 250ml so you would need to use 125ml.
      (2) No issues... go ahead and halve the ingredients.

  2. Hi. Can you give the approx. weight of 2.5 coconuts grated?


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