Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coconut Juice

Coconut juice is used a lot in Goan recipes; I have found websites with pictures showing ground coconut being passed through a muslin cloth in order to get the juice so I thought I would show my visitors how we do it the much easier way.
Thick Coconut Juice

1 grated coconut
1 cup or so of water

  • Put the grated coconut in the hopper of your mixer/grinder.
  • Add just about enough water so that it grinds easily. About a cup or so should do.
  • Run the mixer/grimder for a minute. 
  • Empty the ground coconut into a sieve placed on top of a bowl.
  • Taking a fist full of ground coconut, squeeze the same over the sieve and drop the squeezed coconut into a vessel.
  • Repeat till all the coconut has been squeezed out.
  • This is your thick coconut juice.
  • Place the squeezed out coconut back into the mixer hopper.
  • Add sufficient water for it to grind easily for a couple of minutes.
  • Repeat the process using a fresh bowl to collect the thin coconut juice.
  • You can also choose to get the third juice out of the coconut if you so wish; only it gets more dilute.

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