Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bhendi Sukkem (Ladyfinger / Okra)

Bhendi also known as ladyfinger or okra is a vegetable that grows easily in Goa. I have used the locally grown bhendi here in this bhendi sukkem recipe. Ladyfinger leaves a bit of slime so one needs to use either vinegar or kokum to eliminate it. In this bhendi sukkem recipe we use kokum.

How to make bhendi sukkem
10 ladyfingers (preferably locally grown)
1 big onion, chopped fine
1 green chilli, slit
10 pieces dried kokum
3 tbspns grated coconut
salt to taste
pinch of sugar

  • Cut the ladyfingers into slices about 1/2cm thick.
  • Put all the ingredients into a non-stick vessel along with 1/2 glass water.
Goan okra preparation
  • Cover and cook on simmer till done; the color of the okra will turn an olive green.
  • If there is any water left, evaporate the same by keeping the vessel open.
  • Take off fire and garnish with grated coconut.

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