Saturday, October 19, 2013


Choon so called in the local Konkani language is basically a mixture of grated coconut and jaggery, preferably palm jaggery over sugarcane jaggery. The palm jaggery is supposed to be good for health and is better for diabetics while the sugarcane jaggery can be harnful. The palm jaggery gives the choon a nice dark brown color while the sugarcane jaggery will give more of a yellowish color. We use more of the plam jaggery and very rarely do we use the sugarcane jaggery but you will find a chikki recipe with it some time soon on my blog.

How to make choon

1 coconut, grated (taking care to make sure there is no skin)
4 small pyramids of coconut jaggery

Ingredients for choon
  • Pound the jaggery so that it breaks down into a mass.
  • Mix with the grated coconut so that there are no individual pieces of jaggery remaining.
Use this in many preparations that you will find on my blog here like the patolleos and many more.

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