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Patolleo are a traditional Goan sweet that are made on the feast day of Our Lady of Assumption, 15th August which also happens to be India's Independence Day.
How to make patolleos
250 gms Goa rice, soaked in water overnight
choon of one coconut
4 tbspns gram dal
A pinch of salt
About 15 small turmeric leaves, washed and trimmed
  • Grind the rice soaked overnight to a thick paste with a pinch of salt.
rice ground to a paste to make patolleos
  • Boil the gram dal and let drain in a colander.
Gram dal boiled to make the patolleo filling
  • Mix the gram dal with the choon. This makes the filling ready.
Patolleo filling of choon with gram dal
  • With a pallet knife or a butter knife apply the rice paste to the turmeric leaf.
Applying the rice paste to the turmeric keaf to make patolleos
  • Put some choon with dal mixture.
The patolleo filling going in place
  • Fold leaf in half.
The patolli folded after putting in the filling
  • Steam until done; when the color of the leaf changes to an olive green. Below you will see a picture of a traditional copro, a vessel used for steaming patolleos and sannas.
Traditional copro used to steam patolleos and sannas
  • Take out the patolleos and serve. Enjoy!
    Patolleos ready to serve

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