Saturday, October 12, 2013

Prawn Biryani

This Prawn Biryani Recipe is courtsey our good friend Lavie. When I visited her one evening, she packed some for me and I really enjoyed it! It was awesome! Hence I got the recipe for prawn biryani from her. I have yet to try it out myself but I already know it will be good, so I am sharing it here.
Prawn Biryani Recipe
1/2 kg prawns
2 finely chopped onions
2 tomatoes finely chopped
2 tsp  ginger garlic paste
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/4  tsp turmeric pwder
1/4 tsp black peppercorns powder
1/4 tsp clove powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp cardamon powder
3/4 tsp red chillie powder
1/2 cup tamrind juice
2 cups rice
3 cups of water
2 maggie cubes
salt if required
1 inch cinnamon stick
6 cloves
1 green chilly
Coriander leaves
Fried onions
  • Make a paste of ginger garlic, all the powders, tamarind juice and coriander leaves.
  • In a vessel heat oil, add whole cinnamon and cardamom.
  • When it crackles, add the tomatoes and onions.
  • When transparent add the prawns and masala.
  • Let it cook for a while, add rice and let it cook for a while.
  • Add maggi cubes and water and let it cook on slow fire.
  • Add more water if required.
  • When rice is cooked, garnish with fried onions and serve with raita.
  • You can also cook rice separately and the prawn curry separately.

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